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Hello World! If you ever take a computer programming class, 'Hello World' is the first thing you learn to print ;). Nerdy antidotes aside, welcome! I am an engineer with a passion for fashion, art, photography, and culture. I spent almost 6 years of my life in a PhD program, where all my other interests were unfortunately, put on hold. It is a question of survival ask any Dr.! 

SCIENCE: I have a passion for science, and I would like to reach young people, especially young girls, and excite their interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). I appreciate feedback on any  concepts you would like me to cover on my Science blog. On this page, I will be hosting a STEM in Style series, where I will interview STEM professionals about their background and work. The interview will be published with a short article explaining the science behind the work they do! 

MENTORSHIP: Most importantly, I would love to use this platform to connect young people with potential mentors in their field of interest.  Check out the Mentorship page for more information if you are interested in being a mentor/mentee. 

FASHION: On another note, check out the Fashion page for my take on fashion trends, and ideas for your wardrobe staples. Series will include: 1 item V ways-  I will show you how to style an item in five unexpected ways | Work-wear Edit- style tips for the working woman | Shop Smart- quality pieces on my favorite shopping sites at unbeatable prices.  

ET AL: Finally, I love art and nature photography, and I would love to share great content on my miscellaneous interests with you on the ET AL page.

CONTACT: I appreciate feedback on the blog, so feel free to shoot me a message on the Contact page

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