Vanny et al.
Vanny et al.


I remember starting out my academic career with NO CLUE of what the path ahead of me could be. Some people come from a family of academics, and I cannot express enough how much of a privilege and booster that is. In my case, my dad was a soccer player, and my mum a basketball player and business woman. They were great parents, but could not be very helpful when I decided I was interested in engineering/academia! I had to make many mistakes, and learn painstakingly to forge a path in my field of interest. 

I would like to use this platform to reach out to young people, especially marginalized young people, who could benefit from a mentor in a STEM field. I have been fortunate to have studied/worked at many academic institutions like Caltech, UCLA, MIT, and Northwestern university. Therefore, I have a wide network of individuals in varying STEM fields that I can connect you with. Hopefully, that network will also grow with this blog. 

Potential mentees, fill out the short survey below, and I will connect you with a suitable mentor. Please wait about 1-2 weeks for a suitable connection. In addition, read the guidelines sent to you about what is/not appropriate to ask your mentor.

Potential mentors, thank you so much for giving back! Please fill out the survey below. When we have a potential match for you, you will be contacted with a profile of your potential mentee. Only if you accept your mentee, will we share your contact information (email). *Potential mentors should have at least a BS degree in a STEM field. 


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