My ModJewel:  Engineering the Perfect Cross-body Bag

I met Eliana founder of in September 2007, in a chemical engineering course at UCLA. She had a fresh face, top-knot bun, leggings and a hoodie; she looked like a Victoria Secret model! She was smart, driven and talented! 10 years later she is an accomplished chemist, and now fashion designer. Fulfilling every bit of the #GIRLBOSS status quo.  

I love cross-body bags, I really do not like purses ,or totes, because I like my hands free for multi-tasking! The ModJewel is my ideal cross-body. You can literally build your own bag and customize it. It comes with interchangeable clasps, covers and straps. It is an engineer’s dream. Watch my Un-boxing video below! I was sent two sets of accessories by ModJewel; I got the pink snakeskin cover and the silver leather cover. Watch me customize the bag for different looks. The covers are quality genuine leather, resulting in great quality: cost ratio. The bare bag is $98 and the straps, clasps and covers range from $28-$48.

Y’all know I love a good deal! Let’s do some math. How may possible combinations are there with the set of accessories available to you at ModJewel?


So, with 28 unique ways to arrange the bag covers, how many possible bag combinations can we get when we alternate straps and clasps:


If you build a bag with one option for each component, the bag costs an average of ~$272. If you buy every available accessory, it totals to ~$1200.  However, you have over a 1000 unique ways to build your cross-body!

See below how I style the pink snakeskin cross-body and the silver leather style. It is really trendy now to wear cross-body bags short, so I knotted the strap to make the bag sit on my hip! 

For 20% off your first order use code VANESSA and tag me to see your looks.